How I'd grow Simple Goodness Sisters

April 22, 2020

Simple Goodness Sisters is a lifestyle beverage brand that sells farm-fresh cocktail ingredients.

Their syrups are 100% natural and made with edible flowers & herbs. They’re for cocktails, but also desserts, breakfast, & ice cream toppings.

Products look good, but the website?

As soon as you land on it, you see a not-secure notice, a giant logo, no value proposition, and a blog post. Not the best first impression.

A random visitor would assume that it’s some amateur blog. I think there’s a lot of work to be done here.

The biggest problem is the website structure.

It’s reversed; instead of having a store with a blog, they have a blog with a store.

The store lives on a different domain. When you navigate from one section to another, you jump between domains, and the user experience suffers.

There’s also a branding problem: the store doesn’t have a custom domain, it’s on an eCommerce platform’s subdomain.

This instantly makes visitors lose trust, and harms SGS’s credibility, which matters a lot since they sell products you’re supposed to eat.

SEO perspective: all the links to the store’s domain are wasted, they won’t increase their domain authority. And there are more than 300!

Good content is important, but links are crucial to ranking highly. They’re hard to get, so you have to maximize their power.

Pro tip: a 5-minute link building strategy. Use a free link checker to see if there are links to your social media profiles.

Yes? Contact website owners to change them or add links pointing to your website. They’ll probably say yes. It’s an easy win.

Speed is a top priority for good rankings. Right now, their website is pretty slow (especially on mobile).

Luckily, one of the main causes are uncompressed images. Just changing that habit should help!

Email marketing is vital for capturing casual readers and familiarizing them with products. Not a lot of people buy on the first visit.

It’s an area they could improve. Signup form has too many fields that add friction, and there’s no benefits. Why should I sign up?

The benefit should be aligned with the content marketing strategy that they use to bring traffic to the website.

To be honest, the strategy isn’t exactly clear at the moment. It’s a bit all over the place although I like it; it shows their personality and their story.

Their personality emerges clearly on social media. They made the right call using FB and IG; visuals are key for them.

I like the balance between the products and the lifestyle behind-the-scenes pics. But with only 5k followers, they really need ads to acquire new customers.

Why? Unfortunately, organic reach isn’t great on FB and IG. It’s better than nothing, but it’s not enough to push strong growth.

Without ads, you spend time and money producing content, but only a small portion of people see it.

Ads should highlight their unique value proposition. Their strong differentiation advantages are their values and their story.

IMHO, their creatives don’t communicate this effectively. They’re disconnected from who they really are. It could be just another anonymous product.

The best way to show they’re unique would be with video. Video ads have to capture attention in the first 3 seconds to stop the scroll.

A good idea may be to show founders in that first seconds with their farm, their products, and tell their story. It won’t feel like an ad!

While acquiring customers organically is basically free, ads have a CAC attached to them. To make them work, they need to increase AOV.  

Try to upsell a bundle option at checkout. Maybe a special quarantine week package: 7 happy hour flavors 1 x every day of the week?

They could try to increase their LTV. Retaining customers is cheaper than acquiring new ones. Based on their engagement, a community for superfans could work!

Come up with perks for members. E.g. testing new products before they’re released could create brand evangelists.

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