How I'd grow Plantui

February 2, 2022

Plantui is a smart device that allows you to grow plants indoors without soil using hydroponic technology.

It has adjustable height so you can place it anywhere, adapting to the plant size and its growth stage.

Right now, Plantui looks like a nice-to-have for everyone. 

It’s that thing that looks nice, but you’re not really sure why you should buy it.

It’d get much better results by becoming a must-have for someone instead.

If we look at their most popular seeds, it’s clear they sell a lot of super-food ones.

It could be positioned as a product for city-dwellers who don’t have a garden but want to eat healthily.

The USP? Take control of your diet by growing superfoods at home.

Once you have an ideal prospect in mind, you need to craft the landing page around it.

I feel like the current copy is off - I’d have no idea what the product does if I didn’t scroll down further.

A good landing page also focuses on preventing possible objections.

In this case, one might wonder how much maintenance Plantui needs or if they need gardening experience to use it. 

Unfortunately, these conversion-killing questions go unanswered.

Selling the hardware is only the first step. Then, Plantui needs to increase the LTV by selling the seeds regularly.

I was surprised to learn they don’t offer a subscription option. For example, a pack with the best seeds for each season is sent to you every three months.

One thing I like is that they try to upsell you to different things at checkout based on what you add to the cart.

They can improve by using better copy.

Saying some products are “usually bought together” doesn’t really motivate me to go and buy them.

The higher the price, the more the touchpoints and the research required before people make the purchasing decision.

Visitors will have a hard time buying based only on a few pics and lines of copy. Plantui should add a few in-depth videos to the website.

Imagine seeing a pic posted by one of your friends next to this strange object in their living room or kitchen.

Because you’re close to them, your advertising defenses are lowered at that moment. The pic would spark your interest, and you’d want to learn more.

So, how can Plantui encourage people to share and get more word of mouth?

One idea would be a greeting card shipped with every new device that prompts a new customer to share a pic of them with their Plantui and get free seeds as a reward.

Plantui has a blog, but a couple of issues prevent articles from driving growth.

Reason #1 - they’re too short at 500 words each. 

Length isn’t a ranking factor, but depth is. Their articles lack the depth needed to outrank their competitors on Google.

Reason #2 - the majority of the articles are top-of-the-funnel.

They are related to the plant world, but there’s a weak connection between the topics and the interest in buying Plantui.

They should fix both these points as soon as possible.

What I’d do instead would be to add more bottom-of-the-funnel pieces, starting with keyword research.

People tend to chase traffic, but low-volume, high-intent keywords often bring in more conversions than high-volume, low-intent keywords.

Performance marketing works well for B2C brands like Plantui. Instagram, in particular, is the ideal platform to reach urban, educated people who want a healthy lifestyle.

They’re currently running IG ads, but they only have one creative. They need more variety.

Pro tip: you can spy your competitors' ads on FB, but you don’t know if they actually make money from them.

The trick is to scroll down and look carefully at the oldest ones still running.

If they’ve kept them active for months, they definitely have a positive ROAS.

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