How I'd grow NoCodeDevs

October 14, 2020

NoCodeDevs is a community where nocode makers can participate in challenges, talk, launch products, join bootcamps, and discover the latest industry news.

It has a freemium model - signing up and basic features are free, but you have to pay to unlock premium features.

I’d make some changes to their funnel - I don’t think it’s aligned with what I imagine to be the typical customer journey.

Right now, their site is focused on making me “go pro now.” It’s a big ask for someone who doesn’t know what the product is yet.

The first step would be to add a demo button that lets random visitors see what the community is all about.

This way, they can immediately decide if that’s something they’d be interested in (without having to sign up blindly).

At that point, they’ve become aware, so the focus shifts to making them a free member of the community.

To do that, the website should focus on “become a free member” CTAs, instead of the current “go pro now” ones.

After they’ve been free members for a while, they’re ready to get the “go pro” offer.

I’d do that with an email sequence that shows them all the perks of going premium, and with testimonials showing what other pro members accomplished with NoCodeDevs.

In order to build a community, people need to establish a connection and trust the founders.

That’s why I think they could step up their About page to go beyond who they are and capture visitors' attention by telling their personal stories, why the project started, etc.

Having a community on your own domain instead of a Facebook group is wise in the long term, but it’s harder to grow in the short term.

To compensate that loss on growth potential, NoCodeDevs should find a way to motivate existing members to bring in new ones.

For example, they could develop a referral program that gives a free premium period to the referrer and the referee.

They could give it to the ones that bring in a certain number of new members, or they could gamify it with leaderboards picking a new winner every month.

The channel they should be using is search. No-code is a new but growing trend, and there’s room for newcomers with low domain authority.

I’d create a hub with free resources and guides to intercept frequent questions around building online businesses without coding skills.

They could find topic and FAQ ideas by monitoring their own and other no-code groups.

This is a better keyword research approach than just using a tool to find topics. You can find gems that the tools don’t show.

Pro tip: when you’re just starting out you don’t need content that drives traffic. You need content that converts.

You probably already know that it’s better to start with long tail keywords, but you should prioritize bottom-of-the-funnel KWs with high intent.

It’s really important for NoCodeDevs to improve their website speed in order to improve rankings.

When Google measures page speed to rank content, it separates pages into really good and pretty bad pages. It’s important not to wind up in the latter group.

Twitter is definitely the place to be for NoCodeDevs - it’s where all the no-coders hang out.

That’s the only platform they’re using right now, but they’re very active. That's great! It’s better to use one platform well than spread yourself thin across various networks.

One suggestion would be to post fewer links, and engage with their followers more by asking questions.

If you know your audience inside out and manage to ask the right questions, that can be a powerful way to drive engagement and attention. It’s how the algorithm works.

I think being more active in other no-code communities is a great opportunity to attract more leads.

How? Not by posting links, but by creating interesting content that adds value. I’m sure they could do that well.

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