How I'd grow MOFT

March 20, 2020

MOFT is a laptop stand, but not like the ones you are used to seeing. It’s ultra portable - you attach it under your notebook.

It’s so thin that, when it’s not in use, you can barely see it. In fact, they claim to be the world's first invisible stand.

Their site talks about feature, but not the benefits. Why would a customer care that you’re the first to release an invisible stand?

For a product like this, I’d expect to see something like: “MOFT allows you to work on your notebook with a good posture avoiding neck pain.”

The first thing I noticed was the smart thing they did with pricing. If you buy 2, you get a $10 discount and free shipping.

That’s a huge incentive and a smart way to increase their AOV. It’d be even better if I could choose a different product (e.g. tablet stand).

Their website also has a section that caught me by surprise: you can pitch your remote-working product ideas to MOFT!

This is the first time I’ve seen something like this, and it gave me the positive vibe of a company that really listens to their customers.

MOFT had a successful Kickstarter launch. They keep using it to introduce new products, and sell them on marketplaces like Amazon.

But their focus is now on driving visitors to their own website. That’s a logical move: they need to “own” their customers to get better margins.

Target audience for this product is pretty big: basically everyone who uses a laptop. But the challenge is that only a fraction of them are aware.

MOFT must find a way to move them through the funnel: unaware > problem aware > solution aware > product aware.

How could they do this? With video.

The video could start with someone working on their laptop, exhibiting the signs of neck pain caused by poor posture. Then, the video could explain how moving the screen up solves the problem, and how MOFT is the best way to accomplish this.

IMHO, MOFT's first step should be leveraging influencer marketing. I like to choose influencers with a good YouTube following, rather than Instagram.

In my experience, YouTubers influence way more than Instagrammers. Their audience is more loyal and inclined to buy.

I’d then ask the same influencers to collaborate on a short clip to use as branded content for paid ads.

You don’t need a big budget to do this. A lot of micro influencers are eagerly awaiting brand collaborations and have accessible rates.

MOFT could use these short 15-second video clips to create conversion ads for FB & IG stories. This placement is doing pretty well right now.

With the swipe-up feature that allows you to put a link, and cheap CPM, stories are a great way to drive new customers to your website.

They should improve their Instagram game. A good idea would be to step up their user-generated content program.

Ask MOFT customers to take a pic of working in their most unusual spot. The best one gets reposted, and wins a free product. Win-win.

Another strategic opportunity is search. There are a lot of people searching for laptop stands and similar keywords every month.

First, I’d set up Google Ads to capture a part of that demand in the short term.

In the long term, I’d try to rank organically. MOFT's crowdfunding campaigns generated high-quality links to their site.

The content they create will already rank well. In fact, they’re already between the first and second page for big keywords like “laptop stand”.

But their on-page SEO is bad. They’re keyword-stuffing on the homepage, category and product pages.

They should target different keywords on each page, following a tree structure. For example: Homepage > laptop stands, Category > Macbook stands, Product > Macbook 16” 2020 stand.

I’d also create content around informational keywords regarding digital health topics such as: how to keep a good posture at work, how to avoid turtle neck, etc.

Mentioning their products in this kind of content wouldn’t be a stretch, and it’d be a good conversion opportunity.

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