How I'd grow Lesssss

June 24, 2020

Lesssss is a card that reduces your exposure to the radio frequency emitted by your smartphone.

The idea is that we don’t know for sure that radiation isn't harmful, so it's better to take precautions, and protect ourselves from possible issues.

My first thought is that with the current pricing ($10), it’s never going to be profitable.

Not incorporating CAC in the price when launching a new product is a very common mistake.

But by doing so, your margins are so slim that you can’t use paid marketing channels.

They need to raise their prices, and to do, so they need to position themselves as a premium brand.

Their value proposition needs to focus on the differentiation from other competing products, and highlight the fact that they use a special material that really works.

The website focuses too much on design and making a visual impact. Unfortunately, this hurts its ability to convert a visitor into a customer.

There is no copy or CTA on the homepage. If someone doesn’t scroll, they won’t know what’s in it for them, and many leave before that.

A good landing page’s job is to counter possible visitors' objections, but a lot of useful information on Lessss Card is scattered among different pages.

Since they sell only one product, it would make a lot of UX sense to aggregate the info on one page.

They could improve the product page by adding a video that explains how the product and the material work in detail.

Also, they offer free worldwide shipping. This is a huge deal! Instead of hiding it in the content, they should make it the first thing visitors see.

When selling low-priced, one-off items, you have to find ways to upsell and increase the AOV.

The best way would be to make an offer that leverages emotions. E.g. when they add it to the cart, prompt them to “buy another one at a discount, and give it to a loved one.”

Before trying to drive visitors to their website, they need to perform a customer persona analysis.

For example, they could discover that their target audience are moms who care about a healthy lifestyle, and not young tech early adopters.

Pro tip: this analysis is critical! It’ll determine the right marketing channels, so you don’t waste time on ineffective ones.

Every new brand is on TikTok nowadays, but if the analysis reveals that older moms love our products, using TikTok would be a waste of resources.

With the right target audience in mind, I’d start leveraging influencer marketing, looking for niche but engaging channels on YouTube.

I’m a big fan of YouTube influencers. The videos they produce for you are assets that can be reutilized later.

In fact, I’d extract short 30-second clips to run paid video ads.

I’d use them on Facebook and Instagram, testing both the “Video view” and the “Conversion” objectives.

The goal would be to move people from unaware of the problem, to solution-aware.

Someone who watches these videos could buy straight away since this type of product is an impulse purchase.

And for others, I’d leverage the FB pixel to retarget people who viewed at least 50% of the video with a scarcity time-based offer.

From a search perspective, this niche presents a good number of informational-keyword opportunities.

The idea would be to create a library of content that answers people’s potential questions about health, electromagnetism, and cellular phones over time.

People often forget to add a method for converting search visitors into buyers.

Usually, I like to get email addresses. In this case, the price is low, so it’s not necessary to have numerous touchpoints. I’d just subtly pitch the product at the end of each blog post.

Given the nature of the niche, it’d be good to create a linkable asset (content created to attract links).

The key with this tactic is to reverse-engineer something that other websites in the niche could find useful enough to reference, and link to in their own content.

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