How I'd grow GA Insights

January 5, 2022

GA Insights is a tool that helps online business owners monitor their websites effectively.

You connect it to Google Analytics and it sends you an email or a message to Slack/Teams with important website KPIs. 

GA Insights can be positioned in 2 very different ways: around reports (get easily understandable data) or around alerts (get notified when something happens).

It’s important to determine which one is painful enough to make potential customers pay to solve the problem.

Right now, the landing page is trying to address both. If they zero in on the most important one, their conversions would improve.

To get there, they need to speak with their customers and collect real feedback about their pain points and reasons for using the tool.

Then they need to adjust accordingly and refocus their landing page.

Let’s say, for example, that the main use case is to get alerts and ensure your site is okay 24/7.

Their new copy could sell peace of mind.

It’s interesting to see they already have a similar internal landing page:

- Who: eCommerce businesses
- What: alerts and monitoring

I presume they already got some hints about their possible direction.

Right now, there’s a lot of friction in the signup process.

The CTA doesn’t explain what happens after clicking it.

The first step would be to use a descriptive CTA with a benefit.

GA Insights then asks you to connect your Google Account.

Data is sensitive so I like that they try to reassure you that your data is safe. Unfortunately, they’re missing a key point.

They don’t tell you what happens next.

After a user signs up and uses the product for a while, they might consider converting to paid.

If I take a look at the pricing page, my first impression is fear. What if I pick the wrong plan?

To increase word of mouth I’d start by reverse-engineering the psychology of potential GA users to leverage it and increase awareness.

One thing that stands out is that website owners like to share screenshots when they reach milestones they’re proud of.

GA Insights could intercept this by creating visuals for the milestones. They could email them to users, making it easy to share their wins with a button.

It would be the path of least resistance for users - they wouldn’t even have to open GA to take a screenshot.

Despite being a B2B product, I think influencer marketing could work well.

Once they determine who their target customers are, they could find relevant influencers and gift them a free lifetime account - no strings attached.

SEO: their commercial keywords don’t have high volume, but there is an opportunity. They’ll need a blog to leverage it.

Google Analytics is a complicated product, so people have a lot of questions. GA Insights should aim to become the #1 resource on Google Analytics.

Pro tip: when you’re evaluating keyword difficulty check if sites like Reddit, Quora, or forums are taking up prominent spots in the SERPs.

If Google puts user-generated content on the first page, it usually means that you can rank well with good content.

GA Insights need to step up their game on social media.

Their potential customers are discussing their online businesses all day on LinkedIn and Twitter.

They need to start monitoring and participating in relevant conversations.

A simple weekly content schedule could look something like this:

- Thought-provoking question
- Educational thread
- Entertaining meme
- Small giveaway
- Interesting user-generated content
- Useful tip
- Announcing releases or plans for future features

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