How I'd grow Clippulse

December 20, 2023

Clippulse is a tool that lets you easily create promotional videos for your products without needing any editing skills.

A product like this could be positioned in a variety of ways.

One example that comes to mind would be positioning it as a tool for marketing agencies who might use it to create numerous variations of ads.

However judging from what I see online they chose to market it as a tool to create launch videos for founders.

While there are plenty of online video editing tools, Clippulse is specifically designed for creating promotional videos

Assuming this is the best way to go, what are the key elements that would attract our target audience?

Definitely great results, as these videos will be the key assets for their launch day.

Probably ease of use, since they're not video pros.

Likely affordable pricing, as most of them are bootstrapping.

These are the things Clippulse's messaging needs to focus on.

The current messaging is decent but there's room for improvement.

An effective way to understand what your target audience really cares about is spending some time analyzing the reviews of competitors with a similar positioning

I would change the headline to make it immediately clear what the product does.

Then I would use the subheadline to communicate that it is easy to use and affordable.

I would definitely add a short 15-second autoplay video above the fold so that visitors can get enticed by what the final result might look like.

Then I would move the Product Hunt badge somewhere else down the page to direct all the attention to the call to action.

A new headline: "Create a great launch video for your product" and a new subheadline: "Clippulse lets founders with no video editing skills create professional-grade launch videos in minutes without breaking the bank”

Speaking of the call to action I greatly appreciate the fact that Clippulse allows you to try the tool without having to sign up or create an account.

But they're not communicating this clearly.

A visitor sees a button that simply says "Get Started" and would have no idea they can instantly access a demo.

This could be easily resolved by using more descriptive copy. Something like: "Explore the tool now - no sign-up required”.

Many people are reluctant to give websites their email addresses until they've determined whether the product is a good fit for them

Their positioning poses a challenge. Product launches don't occur every month and customer lifetime value might be quite low.

I suspect that most people would just sign up, create a video, and immediately cancel their subscription. For customers like this, a monthly subscription doesn't make much sense.

I believe it might be worthwhile to experiment with one-off purchases for each individual video.

Clippulse could potentially charge more than its current monthly price. And people wouldn't be turned off by the idea of signing up for another subscription.

It's challenging to start a profitable online business when most customers pay a modest $11 and then cancel

Founders are a chatty bunch, especially when it comes to new tools.

So Clippulse's number one priority should be to get itself into the conversations they're having.

One way to do that is to partner with founders who are building products and about to launch them.

Give them free use of the tool so they can make a kickass video.

Then ask them to mention Clippulse when they post about their product launch results.

These types of posts often generate significant attention and being featured in a successful build in public launch recap could draw a lot of attention to Clippulse

Although a quick analysis suggests the total volume is relatively low, search could still be a valuable channel to reach people specifically seeking a tool for creating launch videos.

Their domain authority is currently too low to secure top rankings for commercial keywords like "launch video tool," so it might be worth experimenting with Google Ads until their organic rankings improve.

I would also start targeting informational, less competitive keywords where they might stand a better chance of competing.

These keywords may have a lower conversion rate, but selecting bottom of the funnel ones could still drive good results.

For Clippulse targeting a query like "what makes a great product launch video" hits all the marks: it's informative but has intent, there’s competition but it's not impossible to beat

Figuring out what this page should be about to rank well in search results is pretty simple in this case.

Sometimes when there's a bunch of different results you can try to spot some hidden user intent and do something different from what most other sites are doing.

But in this case since there's no diversity whatsoever Clippulse should just try to create some badass content that's better than everyone else’s.

It's all about manually reading each article and looking for content gaps and important stuff that they might have missed.

Just by looking at the titles on the SERP for the keyword "what makes a good product launch video" it's evident that searchers seek examples and ideas

Social is king when you're just getting started and it's even more important for Clippulse given the low search volume.

Since there are tons of founders launching stuff every day, we can assume their target audience is unaware.

They don’t know they can create a good video for their launch with minimal effort.

It's not so much about publishing content as it is about actively listening on social media and engaging with potential users at the right time.

It’s a great example of doing things that don't scale.

Clippulse needs to monitor the most relevant social media platforms to identify conversations that provide an opportunity to engage

Where most folks mess up is by self-promoting when they engage.

They're like, "Hey, we have a tool that does X, check it out on our website.”

Self-promotion like that almost never works unless the poster is specifically seeking a product recommendation.

The true goal of engaging is to provide value and become the top-rated comment so that everyone who sees that post in their feed has a chance to see it.

That's what will get people to spontaneously check out your profile, visit your site, and discover your product.

Here's an example of how Clippulse could respond to a post like that without coming across as overly self-promotional

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